Warburton Lodge

18 Park Road WARBURTON

Warburton Lodge was a Guest House built in the 1930s and still retains that traditional ambience. It is set on 2 acres of English garden and maintains a very relaxed atmosphere.

The comfortable rooms at Warburton Lodge are just a small part of the overall accommodation experience. The Guest Lounge is a brilliant step back in time to a more comfortable era where time progresses only at the rate you decide. Originally a Guest House built in the 1930s, Warburton Lodge has a long history of satisfied clients. The expansive gardens are a great place in any season. They are an escape from the heat in Summer, a colourful retreat in Autumn, a comfortable space in Winter and a fresh, invigorating area in Spring. Even the tennis court is nestled under the towering gum trees of the back garden.

Ensconced within this idyllic setting is a place of more serious intent. The Conference room holds up to around 40 participants and has been used for many purposes. It has been a Chapel, a craft room, a meeting room, an interview room and of course, a conference room.

The bedrooms at Warburton Lodge have many variations as well to cater for different client requirements. There are Queen rooms, twin rooms, Family rooms, a spa room and a 2 bedroom apartment. All rooms are air conditioned, have their own ensuite and are non smoking.

All in all, Warburton Lodge is not just a Motel, it is 'A Great Place to Stay'. You can stay for just one night or really soak up the ambience with a longer sojourn.

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