A Local Baker

St Andrews is a very small town with the population of approx. 2200 but we have the most wonderful community. In the little township we have a few businesses who offer their service to the tourists including A Boy Named sue Pizza place, Punch Wines, The Cheese Rebel (cheese shop), The old St Andrews Pub and A LOCAL BAKER organic sourdough bakery and cafe. 

The bakery was built in 1979 by Paul Mary, an accountant who fell in love with baking, and is a very unique, mud bricks building wth a classic 1870 wood-fired, scotch oven which Paul saved from Port Melbourne. The oven is 3/4 size of the original oven but still consist of more than 18,000 bricks and can bake 85 breads in one bake!

The baking process is very simple and mostly done by hand so there is no reliance on provers or other machines to rise the bread. The bread and all other goodies are baked in the scotch oven (wood fired) from locally sustained wood. Which leaves zero carbon footprint. 

There is an amazing St Andrews Market every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. This is the best day to visit the town to see the interesting site, everyone is out and about to do their grocery shop and a good dose of community chat, which is the part of every weekend and that makes it very unique. Everyone feels welcome and can enjoy the beauty of bush land. 
St Andrews also has some bush walks just opposite the bakery where people can go for a stroll in the bush and get to see some interesting birds and Kangaroos.