Bike & Hike Warburton

Bike and Hike's eco-adventure offering is based on solving this challenge - Many of the best experiences in Warburton start in one location and end in another. They make that effortless!

These are not regimented guided tours with strangers whilst listening to a Guide. We describe them as 'curated adventures'. The logistics are taken care of to get you to and from the start and finish locations with the equipment you need but the actual adventure in between is self-guided. Just you and your friends / family with ample time to enjoy the experience on your terms.

If you were ‘going it alone' adventures either take twice as long (making your own way back), or you have to position multiple vehicles to shuttle yourself back and forth. If it’s a riding adventure you also have to bring bikes and helmets, which means it has to be pre-planned, and you have to cart them around for the rest of your trip.  

There are 3 x hiking adventures and 3 x riding adventures. All of them explore the beautiful mountains, rivers and wilderness surrounding Warburton, take less than half a day each and are priced between $40 and $60 inclusive of all transport and bike hire. You will see Warburton's famous Redwood Forest, Mt Donna Buang, O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail, the stunning Rainforest Gallery and of course the pristine upper reaches of the Yarra River and numerous other waterways, not to mention the glorious flora and fauna that lives there too!

BIKE & HIKE eliminates all of the complexity. For bike adventures they provide launch drop-off, the bikes, helmets, locks, map and instructions. For hiking adventures they provide launch drop-off, maps and instructions plus they pick you up at the end in a different location and transporting you back to town. There is ZERO cost in the adventures for accessing public spaces that anybody can enjoy for free!  

The website has all of the adventures listed with photos, full description, prices and a live booking system. Do one or all of them and re-connect to nature in this stunning environment.

Trading hours:  Thursday to Sunday or by arrangement