Currawong Bush Park

Currawong Bush Park is filled with stories to tell. It gives you the opportunity to have a 'wilderness-like' experience close to home.

There are two different walking routes. From these, there are eight walks to choose from, with each focusing on a different aspect of the reserve, including: 

  • traditional interpretive subjects such as flora and fauna
  • park and local histories
  • land management
  • seasons
  • day and night
  • tours for different age groups.

The Forest Circuit comprises four longer walks that extend into the 'forest'. Sculptural markers dot the landscape and are places to stop for interpretation.

In the Big Busy Bushland, learn about wildlife with a particular focus on the interrelationships between plants, people and animals.

There are also camping facilites at Currawong Bush Park camp grounds - the best little wilderness in town.