Fourth Hill Walk


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Fourth Hill Walk is a four kilometre walk which winds its way up onto Fourth Hill and returns.  Look for traces of mine shafts from the gold mining history of the region.


The walk takes about 1.5 hours, starting from the car park in Gold Memorial Road near the gold memorial cairn at Andersons Creek.  Ford the creek, turn to the left and walk up the steep track.  On your left is a mine shaft surrounded by wooden railings.  This whole area is covered with mullock heaps and other relics of the gold mining days. A "mullock heap"  is the waste rock from which the wanted gold, minerals, opal, etc., has been extracted or while mining, such as when sinking a shaft.

About 30 metres horizontally across the hill, on a small track, is a corrugated iron hut of a type common around Warrandyte in years past. The hillside is covered in a sea of white heath in the late winter months. Continue past the hut (and another shaft) and onto a steep track that climbs uphill. At a T-junction, turn right for 20 metres to reach Johnston's Mine. Backtrack to the T-junction and continue around the hill past some mossy boulders to a vehicle track, running from Betton Crescent to the top of the Fourth Hill.  Turn right and follow the track straight up onto the large, open area at the top of the Fourth Hill.

Nearby is a grate covering an air shaft down into the Fourth Hill Tunnel. Walk straight ahead from point of entry to a walking track which leads downhill and to the right. Continue in the same direction, past the Y intersection towards the park gate.  Turn left at the gate along the vehicle track, following the fence line.  This track undulates down Whipstick Gully.  

The shorter Bruce Bence Walk commences just behind the Information Centre to the south-west and meanders through old diggings and mullock heaps.  This narrow track is only 260 metres long but quite steep. It ends on a vehicle track overlooking the Victory Mine site, which had 5 levels going up inside the hill. Backtrack to the Tunnel Street gate and continue on, veering to the right, and follow it downhill to the Fourth Hill Tunnel, which runs 100 metres into the hill. This was the first large-scale, mining operation in the area, started by Patrick Geraghty, Warrandyte's first innkeeper. Geraghty did not strike the reef he was seeking but two other miners continuing his work in the 1880s were more successful.

Turn right and follow the track downhill along Wild Cat Gully to Andersons Creek, where the walk commenced.