Giammarino Wines

Having commenced farming in the hills of a small town named Semi Vicoli located in Abruzzo Italy during the 1930s, it was here the family set up the original vineyard. During the periods post the second world war the family left their home town and migrated to Australia.

In 2018 Dino Giammarino situated his winery and vineyard in St Andrews, Yarra Valley, whilst his parents Nicoletta and Vittorio have their vineyard in the Mornington Peninsula.
The choice of establishing vineyards in Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley were due to the diversity in climatic conditions and the similarities to Italy they both shared.
With a passion for Italian varietals such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano and Fiano along with a love of Shiraz, Pinot and Chardonnay, Giammarino Wines' intention is to continue in the journey of creating wines from their lovingly cared-for vineyards.


"Una settimana di pranzi" ( A week of lunches) - Mon 12 November to Fri 16 November

Partnering with Second Home Restaurant and Baranows Emporium Italian Whisky Importers, both located in central Eltham, Giammarino Wines will host a week long, Italian-inspired lunch gatherings held at Second Home with accompanying Italian Wines supplied by Giammarino and Puni Italian Whisky supplied by Baranows Emporium. There will also be Italian desserts and Coffee Martinis. Alongside the lunches there will be non-amplified opera singers, vintage Vespas and Ferraris to view in the car park, with the restaurant being furnished in Italian-influenced décor.
 Location : 21 Brougham St, Eltham VIC 3095
 Maximum locations for each lunch is 55 seats so bookings are essential!

 "Giammarino Wines Open Day" - Wed 21 November

Giammarino vineyard and winery in St Andrews has plantings of Italian varieties Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Fiano which they also use to make their single estate wines from.
 Take a journey through an Italian vineyard, learning about:
 - Piedemonte where Nebbiolo is from 
 - Tuscany where Sangiovese is from  
 - Campania where Fiano is from
Giammarino Wines will be telling family stories including a special mention about one of the family members who brought the first cappuccino machine from Naples to Port Melbourne Pier. 
 There will also be a comedy quiz with questions such as:
 - Name a Famous Dino ( e.g. Ferrari, Dean Martin etc)
 - What are the origins of Margarita Pizza ( Queen Margarita) 
Giammarino Wines will be serving pasta and pizzas throughout the day.

Your hosts, Nicoletta and Vittorio Giammarino, will be choosing their favourite Italian songs from when they were growing up and these will be playing all day in the back ground.
 Location: Giammarino Winery and Vineyard 125 Rifles Range Road St Andrews.
Giammarino Wines will be open every Saturday (10, 17 and 24 November) so come and share a journey through the family's vineyard and Italy.

 "Classico Giro" - TBA