Giammarino Wines Open Day at Ciao Yarra Valley Ciao

 "Giammarino Wines Open Day" - Wed 21 November

Giammarino vineyard and winery in St Andrews has plantings of Italian varieties Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Fiano which they also use to make their single estate wines from.
 Take a journey through an Italian vineyard, learning about:
 - Piedemonte where Nebbiolo is from 
 - Tuscany where Sangiovese is from  
 - Campania where Fiano is from
Giammarino Wines will be telling family stories including a special mention about one of the family members who brought the first cappuccino machine from Naples to Port Melbourne Pier. 
 There will also be a comedy quiz with questions such as:
 - Name a Famous Dino ( e.g. Ferrari, Dean Martin etc)
 - What are the origins of Margarita Pizza ( Queen Margarita) 
Giammarino Wines will be serving pasta and pizzas throughout the day.

Your hosts, Nicoletta and Vittorio Giammarino, will be choosing their favourite Italian songs from when they were growing up and these will be playing all day in the back ground.
 Location: Giammarino Winery and Vineyard 125 Rifles Range Road St Andrews.