Hi-Low Aqueduct and River Walk

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Historic aqueduct, giant fern walls and water race, hard-packed aqueduct trail; native bushland, hard hill climb, views of the Warburton Valley, famous Swing Bridge.

Track is hard-packed gravel with some steep hill climbs.


Download High-Low Aqueduct and River Walk Map


8kms 3 hours Return 3


Start: Warburton Waterwheel
Finish: Warburton Waterwheel
GPS Start: Lat: -37.753810 | Long: 145.689656
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.753810 | Long: 145.689656
Max Elevation: 1250m
Melways: 290 B4
Dogs Allowed: Yes

Flora: Mountain Ash, Myrtle Beech, Sassafras, Hazel Pomaderris

Fauna: Sulpher-crested Cockatoos, Crimson Rosella, Superb Lyrebird

Facilities: Car park ,toilets (+accessible) at Warburton Waterwheel