Jehosaphat Gully Lavers Circuit

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Favourite lyrebird haunt, this pleasant open grassed picnic area is close to the township of Kinglake. Enjoy a picnic or take a walk through the regenerating forest on Lavers Circuit Follow first 5km of Andrew Hill Circuit, then follow Dusty Miller Track.


Download Jehosaphat Gully Lavers Circuit Map


1km 30 mins Return 1


Start: Jehosaphat Gully
Finish: Jehosaphat Gully
GPS Start: Lat: -37.406207 | Long: 145.203828
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.406207 | Long: 145.203828
Max Elevation: 172m
Melways: 250 J8
Dogs Allowed: No

Flora: Mountain Ash, Grey Gum, Hazel Pomaderris. Stringybark, grass trees, ferns,Acacias, Bush peas, Cassinias, Heath, Tussock grass and orchids

Fauna: Lyrebirds, Echidnas

Facilities: BBQ, picnic tables, toilets