Kangaroo Ground

Kangaroo Ground has an excellent general store that is also a café stop, petrol and newsagent. Its post office is reputed to be the only one in Australia which is also a winery. 

"Kangaroo Ground, on Melbournes northeast fringe, is home to Australias only post office winery. Winemaker Ken King integrated the local post office into his small winery complex in 2004. As well as sorting the districts mail, Ken nurtures a number of local vineyards and makes all wines onsite at Kangaroo Ground" James Halliday, Wine Companion

Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park is a war memorial occupying Garden Hill, Kangaroo Ground, in Melbourne, Australia, the tallest hill for many miles around. Its main feature is the 12-metre Tower of Remembrance, opened in 1926. The views form her offer the traveller a great vantage pount for both viewing and photography from Melbourne all the way around the mountain ranges that hug the region.

Image: "Kangaroo Ground Tower of Remembrance" by Yowyowcreek - Own work.