Lady Talbot Drive to Michaeldene Track

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The attractive bushland linking the Steavenson and Taggerty Rivers allows walkers and cyclists to step back in time to Marysville's historic logging past. Gentle hills, with formed forest tracks, some bridges.


Download Lady Talbot Drive to Michaeldene Track Map


4.3kms 1.5 hours One Way 2


Start: Lady Talbot Drive
Finish: Lady Talbot Drive
GPS Start: Lat: -37.512970 | Long: 145.750215
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.512970 | Long: 145.750215
Max Elevation: 430m
Dogs Allowed: No

Flora: Stringybarks, Peppermints, Box gum trees, Candlebarks, Manna Gums, Myrtle Beech

Fauna: Superb Lyrebirds,Wombats, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Peregrine Falcon, Satin Bowerbird, Leadbeater's Possum, Powerful Owl

Facilities: Car park at Woods Point Road