Lake Mountain

Experience the beauty and wonder of the alpine landscape at  Lake Mountain. Only 120kms, which is less than 2 hours, out of Melbourne. It provides sensational views, exremely popular cross-country skiing and tobogganing durng the winter months and fabulous adventure activities and mounatin biking during the warmer months. It is the most popular ski resort in Australia, in visitor numbers, due to its proximity to the city of Melbourne. These are mainly from casual visitors. Being Melbourne’s closest and most affordable alpine resort it is ideal for families and first timers to the snow.

Don't go looking for the lake though, there is no lake at Lake Mountain! The area was named after George Lake, who was the Surveyor-General of the area including the mountain. The Public Works Department initiated the development of the Lake Mountain area in the early 1920s with the construction of a road towards Lake Mountain from Cumberland Road. Construction crews consisted of unemployed relief labour

If you're into cycling then look towards Lake Mountain. It is a popular destination for road cyclists due to the challenging climbs up to the resort. Lake Mountain can be climbed from two sides: from Warburton, a grueling 40 kilometres climb up the Reefton Spur, or the more popular route from Marysville. The climb from Marysville is 21.3 kilometres long. It's a steep climb but incredibly satisfying when you get to the summit and take in the valley vistas.

Perfect for that weekend escape, why not stay in Lake Mountain and enjoy all that it has to offer.  Visit our Yarra Valley Accommodation page to find accommodation that suits your need.

On occasions, due to heavy snow fall, it is necessary to carry and fit snow chains to two-wheel drive vehicles. Check out the daily snow report before you leave in the morning for chain requirements for two-wheel drive vehicles. Chain days are called in the morning around 6am on the day, as snow conditions can be unpredictable days in advance.