Launching Place

Launching Place has many outdoor areas where families can go, hiking, bike riding or boating in the Yarra River. It's possible to try your hand at archery or find yourself on the Warburton-Lilydale Rail Trail for cycling, walking and jogging. All these choices keeping it very easy to stay fit and relax in nature on a visit here.

There is a long-established general store for your basic needs, Launch Fresh for an incredible array of local produce and extremely helpful service and the classic old Home Hotel that has been a favouite in this area for over 60 years.

It is believed that Launching Place is named after the spot on the Yarra River where the logs (freshly cut down in the valley) were floated down the river to be milled in Melbourne. That is, the logs were "launched" at this place along the Yarra River. This was prior to the construction of the Upper Yarra Reservoir.