Marysville Beauty Nature Walk

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The trail follows winding Leary Creek, deep among the tree fern groves that are a feature of this walk. Beauty Spot Trail is noted for its abundant bird life, which is at its noisy best at dusk and dawn. Gently graded trail with a slightly steeper return loop.


Download Marysville Beauty Nature Walk Map


1.5kms 40 mins Return 2


Start: Kings Road Beauty Spot
Finish: Kings Road Beauty Spot
GPS Start: Lat: -37.518730 | Long: 145.745627
GPS Finish: Lat: 145.745627 | Long: 145.745627
Max Elevation: 430m
Dogs Allowed: No

Flora: Tree ferns

Fauna: Pobblebong frog, various birds

Facilities: Car park, picnic table, toilets (+accessible) at Marysville Visitor Information Centre