Marysville Information & Regional Artspace (MiRA)

Updated 18/3/20 - Closed until further notice due to COVID-19 emergency.
MiRa, Marysville’s Information and Regional Artspace, is a place for everyone

Tourists are invited to visit the gift shop and bushfire display, as well as enjoying the regular art exhibitions and taking part in the range of arts activities on offer in the space. 

MiRa is also an information centre, staffed by knowledgeable volunteers, providing information on accommodation, eateries, walks, local produce and so much more.

For local people, MiRa is an amazing space, only limited by the imagination. 

MiRa is keen to support the arts in all of its forms, whether visual arts, performance arts, music, writing, or just dabbling in the world of ideas. It provides the perfect location for special events, or regular classes and workshops. If you have an idea, make sure you give us a call or just drop in for a chat.

There are already plans in place for a choir and a film club, as well as all sorts of workshops and creative happenings, so make sure you let us know your email address and join our Facebook page.

In different languages, MiRa means look, wonder, kindness and light. It’s the perfect name for the new space which has been created.

MiRa is open daily from 10am to 4pm, as well as other times during special events.