Mount Juliet

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Mount Juliet, one of highest peaks in the Yarra Ranges region, with a very steep walking track leading to the summit, has a stone cairn at the top, built in the late 1800s to mark a geodetic survey point. The steep walking track leading to the summit of Mt Juliet requires a high level of fitness.


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8.7kms 4 hours Return 4


Start: Fernshaw Picnic Area
Finish: Fernshaw Picnic Area
GPS Start: Lat: -37.591402 | Long: 145.642853
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.591402 | Long: 145.642853
Max Elevation: 1120m
Melways: 10 R4
Dogs Allowed: No

Flora: Manna Gum, Stringybark, Burgan Tea-Tree,

Fauna: Australian King Parrot, Crimson Rosella, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and Galahs

Facilities: Picnic tables, gas BBQ, car parking and toilets (+accessible) at Fernshaw Picnic Area