Payten and Jones

Reopens Wednesday 28 October from 4.30pm-6pm. Max 60 people. Bookings essential.​

Hi, We're Behn (the Payten) & Troy (the Jones). Growing up in Healesville, we naturally fell in with the wrong crowd and became winemakers. So, in staying true to our roots, we're making wines that don't strictly adhere to what our teachers told us to do. They are both dirty and delicious with a little soul left in. Come check 'em out some time.... Cellar door tastings & sales daily. Wine Bar daily while staying on a bit later on Friday & Saturday evening.

Cellar Door and Wine Bar open Seven Days & two nights. Sunday to Thursday 10.30am ish till 5.30pm ish. Friday & Saturday 10.30am ish till around 8.00pm ish