Shani Alexander Colour My World

Unleash your creative voice and come on the ride of a lifetime!

Shani Alexander's glorious Painting Programs grab life by both hands in celebration with a full immersion into colour and heartily supported by food and like-minded souls.

Shani’s painting programs offer a deeply nourishing, liberating experience with a toolbox of techniques guaranteed to energize your life on and off the canvas. It doesn't matter where you are on your painting path as the focus is on taking an inner and outer journey, shifting what's in the way, experiencing authentic ME time PLUS painting a big bold ready-to-hang HERO piece in a totally non-judgemental way. In a beautiful, inspiring and lovingly creative working artist's studio, located at the Gateway to the Yarra Valley, Shani’s glorious Painting Programs are a full immersion into colour and heartily supported by local food, music, the companionship of like-minded souls and her beloved working dog.

2 Painting Programs available 

The Painting Workshop - 4 Amazing Unforgettable Days

The Painting Mentor Program - 12 Transformational Weeks Days