St Ronans Cider

St Ronan's Cider cellar door sits 800m past Healesville Sanctuary where unique Australian ciders are crafted from apples and pears grown in the Yarra Valley.

Traditional processes are used which are associated with the production of outstanding sparkling wine and Champagne for the unique range of Methode Traditionelle or “MT” ciders. This is presented in a 750 ml bottle complete with cork and cage.

As with Champagne production, St Ronan’s MT cider undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The cider spends 6 months on lees, delivering a creamy texture and fine structure. They are also great mates with food. Pair the Apple MT Cider with charcuterie or canapés or let the Pear MT Cider, with its slight natural sweetness, spice and floral notes work its magic with cheese at the end of the meal. 

Looking for something to grab and go? You can’t beat a few of the apple cider stubbies to share with mates. This is real Australian cider, there’s no added water, sugars or concentrates, and it’s gluten-free at a cheeky 5.4% Alc. vol.

Stop in to grab a bottle or settle in with a platter and a glass of the good stuff.