Warburton Trail Fest 2019

Warburton Trail Fest is a three-day celebration of all things trail and mountain lifestyle featuring trail runs from five kilometres through to 50 kilometres, day and night, flat and fast plus one that is stupidly steep. Also enjoy a feature film screening, a trail seminar, live music and in a world first, the Lilo Dash‘n Derby where trail running meets watersports.

The best thing is that the host location, Warburton Valley, is only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne’s CBD, and centred on the quaint valley township of Warburton with quality cafes and accommodation, making it the perfect running (long) weekend getaway for all the family. 

For the hardcore mountain runner, the festival features the state’s best-known vertical kilometre – a massive 1000-metre plus climb in only 12 kilometres. Of course, you have to run down again in what organisers have dubbed the ‘Donna Double’. There's also something for those with more mild fun running, with routes reaching out to the spectacular Redwoods Forest, on a mostly flat trail along the aqueduct. 

The Runs

50 km / 25 km / 21 km / 14 km / 9 km / 5 km / 3 km

Go for the ultra and run in the footsteps of legendary lumberjacks, test your quads with a double that takes you up Donna Buang and than back down again...or maybe Little Joe's Night Terror is more to your liking or hang it, go for everything and take on our Multiday Madness Challenge? Options, options. Whatever you choose bring your lilo, because trail running just got floaties... 

The Lilo Derby

You. A Trail. A River. A Floatie device.

Yes. Weird. Different. But true: trail running just got its first ever event where floaties are the fashion. It's fun, frivolous and for everyone. It's also mandatory for those in the Multiday Madness, of course. Yes, dress ups are allowed (encouraged, even). We've done this before as a stand-alone event and the winner wore a tutu...

Off Trail Entertainment

A film. A seminar. A muse. 

Details are still in the conjuring pot, but Warburton Trail Festvare looking to fill the mountain town of Warburton with all manner of off-trail trail running goodness, including a presenter with pizazz who will help us all with our trail antics, plus a film that will concentrate on wilderness and wow us all.


Date: 9, 10, 11 March 2019

Address: Warburton, Victoria



50km Lumberjack Ultra 6.15am bus 7.30am start 3 pm finish day $135
25km Redwoods Rush 8.30am $85
5km River Rapid Run 9.30am $20


22km Donna Double 8 am start $85
14km Sawmill Grove Run 8.30am start $45
5km River Rapid Run 9 am start $20
9km Little Joe’s Terror Night Run 8 pm start from Cog Cafe $35


3km Lilo Dash ‘n Derby / start from Footy Club 10am* $30Event Close 12 noon