Yarra Valley Flight Training

Learn to fly in the magnificent Yarra Valley - it's more affordable than you think!


Many girls and boys dream of becoming pilots, whilst many adults wish to realise a lifelong dream of becoming aviators.

The remarkable team at Yarra Valley Flight Training (YVFT) is passionate about flying and teaching their pupils to become competent pilots.

To qualify for solo flight level status you have to show competence as per as per CASA regulations. An RPL (Recreational Pilots Licence) comprises a minimum of 25 hours, to which Navigation, Controlled Airport and Controlled Airspace credits can be added; a PPL (Private Pilots Licence) requires a minimum of 40 hours of flying; and a CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence) includes a minimum of 200 hours of flying. A Flight Instructor course comprises a minimum of 50 hours of flight.

General aviation at YVFT in Coldstream includes:

  • Aviators at the Coldstream Flyers Club own aircraft, lease aircraft or invest in a plane by forming a syndicate to share the costs.
  • Refurbished or built-from-scratch aircrafts
  • Several commercial pilots fly smaller aircraft in their spare time to de-stress from flying passenger jets.

Many pilots opt for aircraft rental by the hour from YVFT, where the fleet includes a Tecnam P92 Echo Super, a Piper Cherokee Warrior I, a Piper Cherokee Warrior II, a Piper Cherokee Six and a Cessna C150.

The well-established flight school provides GA (General Aviation) and RA (Recreational Aviation), including CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence), training. Operating hours are 9am to 5pm weekdays and by appointment weekends