Yarra Valley Game Meats

With over 30 years experience Ken & Mary Lang proud farm owners and suppliers of Game Meats and other exceptional meats to Melbourne and country Victoria, farm free range deer, and strive to maintain the quality of the final product, with Farm Gate sales now available by appointment. 

Yarra Valley Game Meats supply produce derived solely from livestock farmed or wild-harvested throughout Australia. Wild harvest livestock is strictly government controlled.

Currently Yarra Valley Game Meats run approximately 150 fallow deer, 20 sambar deer, as well as over 40 boer goats.

All meats comply with handling and hygiene regulations set by the relevant State Authorities and Prime Safe Victoria.

Did you know?
Deer meat is very high in protein and low in fat.

“Our animals live in a stress free environment, where they are free to express their natural behaviors, and they have unrestricted access to 61 acres of lush pastures and fresh air in the picturesque hills of the Yarra Valley.” – Ken & Mary Lang

Meat supplies take place throughout Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania with venison, emu, camel, buffalo, kangaroo, wild boar and game birds

A wide range of game meats are available, including;
Venison                Kangaroo
Wallaby                Duck
Crocodile             Wild Boar
Goat                     Camel
Pheasant              Guinea Fowl
Turkey                  Emu
Poussin                Quail
Quail Eggs            Mutton Birds
Pigeon (Squab)     Deer By-Products

Farm Gate Sales

Yarra Valley Game Meats welcome you to the property for farm gate sales of high quality, all-Australian products.
Farm Gate Sales are strictly by appointment.

Payment facilities include Cash and EFTPOS for Credit Card and Debit accounts (ie; Savings / Cheque).