Love Shines in a Summer Wedding

A wedding day is anticipated as much by family and friends as it is by the couple getting married. Weddings are celebrations, a gathering together of the special people in your life. The preparation for the big day is also a time to gather, to imagine and create the most beautiful experience possible. A destination wedding in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges is a wonderful way to express your true values, your hope for the future and your wild love.

Getting Hitched with a Local

There you were. Everything was going along perfectly smoothly until BOOM. The proposal. Now you’ve got to somehow fit in planning the biggest event of your life, which you only get one shot at, and oh, you’ve never done anything like it before. Here’s a little secret. You’ve got this. There are awesome people around every corner who have gone through this many times and who live and breathe weddings in the Yarra Valley.

Small is Beautiful

Today many couples are stepping beyond tradition when planning their wedding, seeking unique ways to shape their day to reflect their own lifestyle, personality and imagination.

Taking it easy

Ease into the “morning after the big day” with a delicious breakfast and a great coffee. The afterglow of a heart-melting wedding can last for days, so if you’re staying on a day or two, the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges have plenty of activities that will keep the love alive!

Real Weddings - Tash and Simon get hitched

Simon Cox and Tash Edward-Johnson have been together since early 2014 and were engaged for 18 months. The couple fell in love on the ski slopes at Mt Buller and haven’t looked back, enduring a long distance relationship, starting a new business from scratch, purchasing property, and owner-building a house together. Tash is an Orthotist in a private clinic and hospitals in Melbourne’s east. Simon runs Yarra Linen in the Yarra Valley, a laundry and linen service servicing local wineries and function venues.

Wildfoods for dinner with Oakridge and Milkwood

Wildfoods for dinner – yes please! Foraged foods are given the Oakridge X Milkwood treatment in a unique collaborative dinner that celebrates the surprising amount of edible foods that can be found in your back garden, and the launch of a new Milkwood book that will have you wildly inspired in your own kitchen.

Sensational St Andrews makes your day

The charming township of St Andrews is just one hours’ drive from Melbourne CBD, which is perhaps even less than your daily commute to work! A list to St Andrews Market is a must.