Life for most of us is busy. Constant emails, phone calls, catching up with family and friends, some work commitments, birthday parties, the list goes on.

All of this busy-ness, seemingly aimed at connecting us with the world around us and each other can leave us feeling disconnected and stressed.

Getting back to nature is a definite way to decrease stress and activate relaxation. Like a form of mindfulness, being outdoors can give the opportunity to marvel at the things around us, rest our minds and live in the present moment.

The Yarra Valley is a haven of beautiful destination choices just one hour’s drive east of Melbourne.

From guided nature walks to exceptional wildlife experiences, we've listed some of the top Yarra Valley attractions so you can Find Your Self, getting back to nature.

Go on a guided nature walk

Discover the wonderful forests of the Yarra Valley by night. Walk under the world’s tallest flowering plants, Mountain Ash eucalypts, and see the world’s largest gliding possum, the Greater Glider. Each season has its surprises, the guides will discuss current and past uses of the land as well as the flora and fauna of the area.

Explore the forests by day, and discover the amazing birdlife of the region. Winter is the breeding time for Superb Lyrebirds, and the best time to see and hear them. Colourful parrots, delicate honeyeaters, cryptic wallabies and amazing plant life delight the senses at all times of the year.

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Combine a great walk with a Top View

The Yarra Valley boasts a mix of breathtaking views that travel over vineyards, farmland, waterways and forest.

Crisp cool mornings treat the early bird to spectacular moments as the fog rises and the hot air balloons come out to play.

Find a vantage point from one of our many viewing towers and soak up the diversity of stunning landscape that unfolds in front of you.

Professional or simply an enthusiast this region is a photographer's paradise.




Have a wildlife experience to remember at Wombat Bend

Wombat Bend

If you’re a Night Owl yourself, you’ll revel in this experience.

Join local Eco-Adventure guides for a night-time wildlife experience to search for ‘flying possums’ ~ the Yellow-bellied Glider, the Greater Glider (the largest gliding possum in the world), wombats, wallabies and other nocturnal animals and birds.

Or if you prefer, experience the park by day and discover the many plant and bird species that inhabit the rich environment of cool mountain forest and riverside.

And remember, it's ok to get a bit of dirt on your clothes, it washes off!

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Feel like you need to get out into nature and Find Your Self? Maybe you just simply like a great walk. Getting to Marysville is via the famously scenic drive up the Black Spur. Arrive at the Marysville State Forest and explore spectacular towering trees, jawdropping lookouts and thunderous waterfalls to witness. Maybe do a few options and stay the night at Vibe Hotel Marysville. There's a Mid-Week deal on for a Woodland Retreat overnight stay - CLICK HERE - a wonderful way to experience a nature 're-set' and explore the township of Marysville while you're there.

A) Trestle Track - 2km 1 hr

Follow Michaeldene Track and you will see the remains of the trestle bridge and tramway which were used in the days when logs were hauled out of the forest by teams of horses and later steam locomotive.

B) Steavenson Falls – 8km, 2 hrs (via Tree Fern Gully Track)

Walk amongst the tall tree ferns and luxuriant vegetation along the Steavenson River. Follow the track upstream, over the bridge and across Yellow Dog Road then continue on to the spectacular Steavenson Falls

C) Michaeldene Track – 9km, 3 hrs

The walk to the picturesque Island Hop begins at the junction of Marysville-Woods Point Road and Lady Talbot Drive.



Unleash your creativity by photographing the Yarra Valley's natural delights

Reframe your idea of the Yarra Valley landscape.

Love your camera? Want to be taken places that are photogenic while learning how to enhance your technique? Explore the spectacular natural delights of the Yarra Valley through the sharpness of a lens. Wander our forests and enjoy our lookouts on your own, or engage the assistance of others.

Capture rural and forest wonders with experienced photographic guides. Photo Tourism Tours vary depending on the season and weather conditions plus they have a well-researched range of iconic locations to provide an open canvas for your creativity. Trial a new camera, build your skill set or simply enjoy seeing the world from a different point of view.

Enjoy the broad scope of Mid-Week choices with less hustle and bustle. Take a breath - take a shot.  

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Wander through the magnificent Alowyn Gardens

Alowyn Fountain

Alowyn Gardens provides an informative and educational experience for anyone interested not only in gardening but also the enjoyment of a beautiful garden. It has been designed with shade and comfort in mind.The gardens have been developed into six distinct areas all leading from one magnificent 100-metre long wisteria and rose covered arbour.

Alowyn has a delightful sitting area where you can simply be still and take it all in.

There is an exciting large plant nursery to explore with a range of really interesting plants to entice the keen gardener. Perennials, herbs, trees, shrubs, native plants, water plants, roses, ground covers and succulents to name a few.

Combine this outing with a lunch at Greenstone Vineyards - Monday Thursday or Friday for only $35 - makes Mid-Week travel such an easy option to take!

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