Updated 22 Feb 2021

Yearning for the Yarra Valley? The turning of autumn brings new beauty to the region every day. How wonderful it is that we can again wander the wineries, the gardens and the forests this season. Take a stroll, take a photograph, take it all in.

And one thing we know for sure. This autumn we will appreciate our freedoms more than ever before.

Avenue of golden leaves in Marysville

Marysville cottage garden

Warburton's riverside walk through the 100 year old sequioas 

Warburton sequoia

Vintage views at dusk. The harvest is picked, the grapes are pressed, and now it's time for rest

Harvest table at Alowyn Gardens - make good on the promise to gather family and friends

The forested tracks of Badger Weir  - where nature and nurture are one

Golden light on golden vines - the seasons and the cycles continue

The fruits of the season at Sanders Apples - thank you to our farmers

Practising physical distancing - one vineyard row still seems like a good measure to keep in mind

Please check the current notices regarding travel and permissable activity before venturing out. For a comprehensive list of park closures, visit the Parks Victoria website.