A date I will probably remember for the rest of my life. My first ever amazing experience of ballooning! 


 Woke up very early in the morning to get to the gathering point at 5 am so that we could get to watch sunrise on the balloon. It was pitch dark when we were preparing to set up the balloon while Kiff Saunders, the pilot and his team tried to involve everyone in the process of setting up as the balloon is really huge in size. We took off at a horse paddy after being given some safety instruction by the staff members.


It was truly a peaceful and smooth ride. All of us got the superb opportunity to watch sunrise above the cloud which is totally different from the other sunrise experiences we have ever had. We also got to see the beautiful and breathtaking Yarra Valley view at different altitudes. Everyone was so amazed by the stunning scenery. A few in-flight photos were taken as a memory. The flight finally ended up landing at a hay field smoothly. Everyone helped to keep the balloon back into the basket. A wonderful buffet breakfast was also served at Rochford Wines. 


Definitely a memorable experience for life as it not only brought us to a whole new altitude to see the world but also tried to involve everyone in the whole process as part of the experience. 



    还记得我天还没亮就起床了,就为了在5点之前赶到集合地点,好让我们能赶上日出时间,在热气球上看日出。黑漆漆中,驾驶员,Kiff Saunders和他的伙伴积极地让大伙们参与组装及搭建巨型热气球。在工作人员讲解安全措施之后,我们终于在一个马场中安全起飞了。

    整个过程安稳平和,没有任何颠簸的感觉。大伙们也得以享受有可能是此生最美的风景-云端上的日出!在不同的飞行高度,亚拉河谷的绚丽美景也一一尽收眼底。大家看眼前的美景看得目瞪口呆。驾驶员也用所装置的照相机帮大伙拍照留念。长达一个小时的飞行之旅最终在一个干草园中缓缓降落。在那之后,大伙也没闲着,而是帮忙把巨型的热气球收好。之后,我们也在Rochford Wines 享用美味的自助早餐。