Visited Rayner’s Orchard and had a great farm experience there on a sunny day. I was warmly welcomed by the farm owner, Len Rayner and his family when I first entered the farm. Through the introduction of Len, I get to know that it is quite a big farm in Yarra Valley region, growing more than 450 varieties of fruit depending on the season. 


It is more than pleasure to join the fruit bottling workshop and got the opportunity to learn to bottle some apricots with the guidance of the staffs. What an awesome experience to be able to preserve the fruit I like and bring it back as a souvenir of the trip! A wonderful lunch was served at the Peach Café after that. 


The highlight of the farm tour was the tractor ride led by Len! A group of tourists from Malaysia and I got the chance to have a look on the farm on the tractor and Len also let us to try lots of fruit that are on season such as peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, donut peaches etc by stopping around the fruit trees. It was truly amazing to taste the fruits by just picking them from the trees freshly. Besides, I also got the chance to experience the fruit picking machine on farm by getting to a height of two storeys tall. 


It was really a memorable experience for a city girl like me where you can know and experience a fruit farm and probably the fruit heaven!!


Written by Qi En (Fiona) Teo a visiting Agriculture Student from the University of Queensland









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