This could be the best news ever. REALLY! Well, firstly that there is such a thing as a WORLD GIN DAY and secondly that we have Four Pillars Gin here in Healesville participating. 

From 10am Four Pillars has Caroline from A Bit of Jam and Pickle at the distillery serving up home made scones with there famous Four Pillars Orange Marmalade (made from the oranges they use to make the gin)

If you’re looking for a more substantial meal, Burn City Smokers will have their food truck parked out the front from 11.30am onwards, and they’ll be serving the first-ever Four Pillars GIN PIG. For the past 9 months some local Berkshire pigs have been fed on the botanicals Four Pillars have leftover after a distillation. Burn City will be serving up delicious pulled (gin) pork rolls all day. Gin soaked pork ... umm heaven!

Four Pillars also be doing free tastings all day of all the gins in the Four Pillars range, including the second release of the much sought-after Bloody Shiraz Gin, which will be available at the distillery from World Gin Day

The bar will be operating all day serving up gin paddles, G&Ts and Negroni’s, and they've had their license extended so loads of guests can fit in and celebrate! 

Open until 9pm on World Gin Day Saturday 11th

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Four Pillars Distillery, Healesville
Four Pillars has a focus on gin. But great gin doesn’t just make itself. We recognised that our real focus would need to be on the craft of distilling.