Published 8 May 2019

On their wedding day, everyone wants to arrive at the altar with glowing, lustrous skin

.Joanne, of Miss Josie’s Beauty Parlour in Healesville, shares her expert tips to ensure your skin is at its best. Whether you are male or female, great skincare is worth the investment in the lead up to your big day. Men with beards can also give their facial hair some extra love, with in-salon beard treatments recommended for soft, manageable and hydrated whiskers.

Joanne suggests starting early. Sit down with your skincare professional and plan what skincare and treatments you might need over the 8-10 weeks in the lead up to your big day, and don’t forget your lifestyle can influence the health of your skin.

Joanne says great skin on the day is about relaxing the whole being. “Have a calming treatment, a massage or whatever works for you, before the big day, and be beautiful on the inside. You’ll shine through and that’s the key to feeling good all over!” 

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Glowing Tips

1. Professional help. The key to smooth, ‘plump’ skin that looks and feels amazing is professional skincare treatments. These can include deep layer treatments, microdermabrasion and deeper exfoliations, which stimulate new cell growth and boost cell hydration.

2. The all-over body treatment.  Don’t forget shoulders, chest and backs – in fact any skin area on show on the day can benefit from a professional body exfoliation and body mask.

3. Your home skincare regime will really help. Attend to your skin as regularly as you brush your teeth. Home exfoliation and mask treatments keep the good cell renewal going every day.

4. Healthy skin starts from within! A healthy diet is essential and foods (or supplements) rich in the Omega family, silica and the antioxidising vitamins and minerals are often helpful – think oily fish, green leafy vegetables, fresh berries, nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate. Drinking plenty of water and reducing alcohol intake can help too.

5. Be kind to your skin. Choose skincare products that protect and suit your skin personality – these can even be prescribed by a professional. It’s important to protect delicate pH levels and nourish cell renewal activity. Although any skincare regime is better than nothing, leaving your skin alone (that means no picking!) and letting a professional skin specialist resolve your spots and blemishes is ideal.

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How to show your glow for the camera

Rick Liston, Photographer

“The best smile is a natural one, achieved through great comfort and rapport with your photographer who knows just what to say to get those natural smiles and real romance.”

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