Discover Lillydale’s beginner Mountain Bike Trail situated by Lillydale Lake.

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Lillydale Lake Mountain Bike Trail is a place to show that ‘newbie’ the essentials to handling off-road mountain biking (along with a few laughs) before tackling the more difficult stuff that can be discovered in the mountainous Dandenong Ranges.

Discover the bumps, dips and turns that you would find in any other mountain bike trail. Corner around the berms and manoeuvre your bike through the ‘right lines’, before practising your balance on the various wooden planks that will master your bike handling skills. The course is family and ‘newbie’ friendly, and with so many obstacles to play around on, Lillydale Lake Mountain Bike Trail is a great place to train up your confidence and develop your cycling knack. If you’re chasing something a little more steady, you have the option to cycle around the flat gravel course of the lake which covers around 2.5km.

Lillydale Lake is a hub of activity, especially during the afternoons and weekends. Visitors not only enjoy mountain biking, but can take advantage of the lake’s year-round activities; fishing for trout, radio sailing, BBQ facilities, children’s playground facilities and beautiful lakeside walks - There’s something for just about everyone!

For those history buffs; Lillydale Lake hasn’t always been a hub for local activity. While it was seen as a local catchment site by surveyor Jame Blackman in 1853, development of the man-made lake didn’t start until 1988 following the September 1984 floods. Before all this, ruins of a nearby flour mill paint the history of what life may have been like for the Lilydale locals.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on your bike and discover what Lillydale Lake has to offer!

Getting to Lilydale’s beginner Bike Loop Trail:

Address: Lilydale Lake Rd, Lilydale VIC 3140 (Just off Swansea Road)

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Course: 1.3km

Cost: Free

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