Published 8 September 2020
Green is good and if you’ve recently become a plant parent here are ten easy hacks to keep your balcony babies and indoor family not just alive but thriving.

1. Spray away. Pop a few mls of liquid fertiliser (such as Seasol) in a water spray bottle and give your lovelies a spritz every 2-3 days. Plants love the hydration and will lift immediately, especially during winter in heated environments.

2. Check soil moisture before you water. Stick your pointer finger in the soil up to the first knuckle. It if comes out dirty the soil is moist enough. Many indoor plants don’t need much water – in fact hardier varieties may only need water every 2-3 months.

3. When you do water make sure you go a full 360. Water all around the base – not just in one spot.

4. When in doubt cut it out. Dead leaves take up vital plant energy. Trim off anything brown and help out a friend – or is that frond!

5.Give your plants a personal name and personality – you’re much less likely to kill them.

plant names

6. Find their special place.  Every plant will thrive in the right location. If your fronds are drooping move them. Keep a diary note, they may even prefer different locations at different times of the year.

7. Sunbathe as required. Indoor plants love a little time in the sun – give them some Vitamin D in the soft morning light for an hour or so if they are looking sad.

8. Make your interior design ethos ‘leafy’. Plants add life to dull corners, cover up nasties, and are a  ready distraction from mess. 

9. Pretty pots – and lots and lots. Every plant deserves the best – and a new pot is a great chance to re-pot your happiest growers.

10.Feel good. Plants give off positive energy and freshen the air. Pop them everywhere you are for some green relief. 


person holding pot plant