A glass of Rochford Pinot Noir with a Margherita pizza – that’s my preference. The two make perfect companions. The simplicity of the combination is the reason why it’s so good. A quality cheese, fresh basil, the wine. It’s what Italian food is all about.

The launch of 400 Gradi at Rochford Wines is an equally beautiful pairing.  We’re excited to bring this award-winning pizzeria to the Yarra Valley. In 2014, 400 Gradi founder Johnny Di Francesco was crowned the World Pizza Champion at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Italy, the first Australian to have ever won.  His traditional style Napolitana pizza has earned him a world-wide reputation as an authority on all things pizza. Impressive  for a man who got a job in a pizza shop as a twelve-year-old boy to earn money to buy new sneakers. From the first 400 Gradi in Brunswick Street Fitzroy to restaurants across the world, this is pizza with passion!

One of the secrets to a traditional wood fired pizza is how quickly they are cooked. The ideal temperature is 400 degrees hence the name 400 Gradi (Italian for temperature). At 400 gradi, a pizza cooks in just 90 seconds.

The other thing I love about pizza is that it involves sharing. Gathering people around the table, family and friends, to enjoy a meal together – it’s the Italian way and they do it for a reason – it’s so enjoyable. A slice of this, a slice of that and always with wine.

The signature menu item on the 400 Gradi menu is the Margherita Verace pizza – verace means ‘truth’ or ‘genuine’ so we see how seriously 400 Gradi take tradition of pizza making.  Italian pizza has a reputation for a light, perfectly textured base, and good quality ingredients. Some of the other menu highlights are the capricciosa, the suprema, the tartufata (truffe), and the marinara. And there’s a Rochford Wine, including our Italian varietals, that is a perfect match with every pizza!

During Ciao Yarra Valley Ciao to celebrate the launch, 400 Gradi at Rochford Wines will be giving away FREE Margherita Verace pizzas from Friday 2nd – Monday 5th of November. Gather your family and friends and join us.

Faye Hendricksen, Tourism, Functions & Events Manager, Rochford Wines/400 Gradi

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