Twelve rooms.
One takeover.
More than 500 hand sourced props and furniture.
One year in the making.

From the moment you entered Empire, you were transported into a world of wonder and decay. As if abandoned on the eve of some monumental event, the home had been left for nature and art to reclaim. 

Rone her bedroom, Burnham Beeches, empire, yarra valley, Dandenong Ranges

Empire at Burnham Beeches was art that you moved through – with sights, sounds and scents all part of the immersive experience. From libraries filled with water, to upturned chairs at an abandoned dining table laden with art deco crockery, from the faded silk duvet and frayed carpets of ‘Her Bedroom’ (Princess Diana is reputed to have stayed in this very room on a visit to Australia) to discarded champagne glass towers. From vines and branches reclaiming the walls and walkways,  to rooms filled with autumn leaves, settling dust and etheric cobwebs – a visit to this stunning exhibition left people breathless and amazed.

Empire was Australia’s internationally renowned artist Rone’s most ambitious takeover to date. Set amongst the decaying glory of art deco mansion, Burnham Beeches in Victoria’s stunning Yarra Ranges, it was a multi-sensory experience — part exhibition, part installation, part Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experience that combined art, vision, sound, light, botanical design and scent. Empire was unlike any other exhibition seen in Australia to date.

Rone headshot, Burnham Beeches, empire, yarra valley, Dandenong Ranges
This exhibition was installed for six weeks only before disappearing forever, and was simply not to be missed. Almost 30,000 people attended the exhibition over a six week period until it closed on 22 April 2019.  Its immersive quality, sense of scale, elaborate detail and story were beyond comprehension.

Rone glasses, Burnham Beeches, empire, yarra valley, Dandenong Ranges

We were super fortunate to experience this artist and his work right here in the Dandenong Ranges at the iconic Burnham Beeches. You may be familiar with Rone’s work as a street artist in Melbourne, or on the Silo Art Projects in country Victoria, but his work is recognised and applauded worldwide.


Rone lounge, Burnham Beeches, empire, yarra valley, Dandenong Ranges

Photos: Suzanne Phoenix