Published 18 July 2019

Experience the beauty of the Yarra Valley in every direction – up, down, left, right, north, south and upside down. Discover worlds of beauty you won’t see from the car as you cruise, ascend and even freefall your way across thee Yarra Valley’s stunning landscape.

For the adventurous and the adventurous of heart, there are a range of ways to get around that are experiences not to be missed and never to be outdone.

Stretch your legs, stretch the possibility and stretch your imagination as you take off with the air at your back, and the world at your feet. Winter packages make midweek adventures super easy!

Get out and about and cycle the Yarra Valley, home to one of Victoria’s most popular cycling tracks the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.  Cycling the trail is more than just a way to get from A to B – it’s an all-round fabulous experience waiting just for you with wineries, wood fired pizza and stops of your choosing when you take up one of these fabulous mid-winter getaways.

Want to do some wine tasting? – there’s a cycle tour for that. Interested in the local offerings of gin or cider? A VineTour cycle tour will take you to all the best spots. Need a place to rest your head, indulge in some fabulous feed and relax for a few days? There’s an indulgent stay and play package with Oscars on the Yarra – yes it’s quite literally on the banks of the Yarra River, a stunning location to unwind and watch the season’s highlights! 

Find Your Self on a Cycle tour in the Yarra Valley this winter:

VineTour’s winter winery cycle tour - taste your way

VineTour’s - Cycling, cider, gin experience  - or maybe cheese -  just ask!

Escape and explore on a cycle day out with accommodation and dinners at Oscars, and cycling tour (bikes supplied by Yarra Valley Cycles)

Find You Self in the clouds

And if your ideal getaway is about taking both feet ‘way’ off the ground, there are some airborne experiences that will also take your breath away.   Tell the boss your ‘taking it to the top’ and take a midweek break that ticks your real ‘things to do’ list.

Always been a fan of Top Gun? Make your own flight of fantasy when you fly a real aeroplane with Yarra Valley Aviation. You’ll even get to take the controls and experience what it is like to actually fly while you take in the best of the Yarra Valley scenery. 

If your appetite for gorgeous scenery is better served by the gentle ebb of a hot air balloon cruising around one kilometre above earth, then the good folk at Global Ballooning have a basket reserved just for you. (And get grounded afterwards with bonus tickets to Puffing Billy for some land action!)

When your adrenal glands need some prodding, then a skydive over the Yarra Valley is a great place to get pumped. Skydive Yarra Valley is offering a saving of $30 off the usual price when you book a midwinter jump. That’ s worth getting out of the plane for!

Don’t just survive winter, thrive in winter with an action adventure that will warm you from the inside out. View the Yarra Valley with fresh eyes, and  make winter 2019 a memorable one. 

Our special winter deals make your big escape super easy!

See our Special deals page for more opportunities to get moving. 

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