Locavore Studio is the 'go to' place for fabulous ideas on what to cook, eat and drink. This dessert idea is completely delicious and also easy to prep ahead if you've got a few over for dinner or a great one to make in the jars and pull out at a picnic. You'll be the star of the day! Picnic races, family get togethers or Christmas drinks ... 

Strawberry & Stroopwafels Trifle

Serves 8



1 punnet of frozen strawberries

1 batch of Cream Patisserie (vanilla custard)

2 packets of stroopwaffles

100ml Strawberry liqueur 

1 punnet fresh strawberries 

150ml cream whipped




With the frozen strawberries, let to defrost and blitz till a fine coulis. Break up the Stroopwaffles and soak in the strawberry liqueur.In glass jars, layer the soaked waffles, strawberry coulis, custard, and fresh strawberries. To finish, spoon some whipped cream on top and garnish with mint.