Tailor-Made Tours are better because... they are ultimately a day all about you.  

And let’s face it, life is always better when it revolves around you!  

When you book a private tour, our entire focus is around you, your timing, your likes and dislikes, and we make up an itinerary accordingly – as it is your day.

You call the shots…

and get to see what you want to see – on a public tour it’s a set itinerary and you go with the rest of the group where the driver takes you. Whereas on a private tour you don’t have to visit the same tourist spots as every other bus tour.  And everyone’s different; some people want to visit the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges purely to go wine tasting, others don’t drink wine but want to ride on a steam train, or visit gardens and galleries - and on a tailored tour that’s exactly what you can do.  When you first enquire, we find out what makes you tick and create your day around your choices.

You won’t get lost…

We have people who want to visit our region but have never driven in Australia before or know nothing of the distances between places.  Because we’re locals, we know what’s what, where everything is, and when it’s open too, so you don’t have to keep getting the map out, arguing about ‘I think it’s left here darling’ and then getting stressed when you arrive to see a CLOSED sign on the gate. 

You set the pace…

so if you’re enjoying a particular place we’re visiting and want to stay longer, we can change your plans without affecting anyone else – on one of our private tours, everyone suddenly felt like an ice-cream – so we pointed the bus in that direction and took them for one!  Everything is possible.  

You CAN bring one more…

if your numbers change we can usually accommodate that – whereas on a public tour there may not be room to add a friend at the last minute.

You get collected…

Rather than having to fit in with a set time at a pick-up point, we’ll come to you.  We’ve been known to pick people up from the airport or their cruise ship, do a day’s tour, and get them back for their flight/ship and in that one day they’ve gained a huge new perspective about our special region of Victoria.

If you can…mid week is best…

because we’re not competing with masses of other visitors.  Venue staff have more time to spend with you and it’s a far nicer experience for you to have the cellar door to yourselves, or a quieter restaurant where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch and not have to shout, or see gin being distilled without other tour groups in front of you.  

We love working with people to create their own special private tours – so call us today and let’s start planning your Tour of the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges.

Contact details:
John & Joan Lloyd
Tour the Valley

Website: tourthevalley.com.au
Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1_oWah4vc8 

Check out some blogs of previous tours for inspiration: http://tourthevalley.com.au/blog/
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