Updated 16 September 2019


Warburton Highway Open Studios - a creative wander along the paths less travelled

Weekend: 9th & 10th November

Creative inspiration flows in the Warburton Valley – just ask any of the artists in Open Studios . Twelve artists brave enough to open their studio doors invite you into their working space to share the techniques and secrets behind the finished work. 

We’ve highlighted two of the ‘can’t be missed’ artists you can visit –  Fine Art Photographer – Kate Baker, and Wood Sculptress –Shlomit Moria. Studios are open between 10am and 5pm and entry is free. Other exhibiting artists you can visit include:

Bev Hardidge, Brenda Meynell, Bronwyn Ward, Clair Bremner, Graeme Hardidge, Helen Cornell, Jena Bedson,  Mary Newham, Peter Marshall and Tang Ying.

Bring a few ‘arty’ friends and have a gorgeous day out or weekend away that promises to ignite the inner creative ‘you’.

As you travel the Warburton Highway, it will be hard to go past a visit to the award-winning Seville Estate winery, which is a great stop for a meal or wine tasting – and winner of the Halliday Wine Companion 2019 "Winery of the Year".

Stop for great locally roasted coffee and a delicious (and healthy) breakfast or lunch at Nancy’s of the Valley in Yarra Junction, and enjoy an indulgent dinner at Oscar’s on the Yarra in Warburton. Fancy a few Yarra Valley wines? Then make a booking to stay over at Oscar’s – it’s right on the Yarra River and a favoured haunt for local artists!

While you’re in Warburton check out the combined artist’s exhibition at the Waterwheel Gallery (open every day between 10 am and 4pm) on the main street and take a leisurely stroll along the Yarra River. Painters and photographers will enjoy the scenery and there’s plenty of ‘landscapes’ to inspire your next sketch, canvas or photograph. Have you visited the Redwood Forest in East Warburton – it’s truly remarkable!

Lilydale Warburton Trail, Visit Yarra Valleu

When a little movement is in order, or you just want to feel good in some fresh air and sunshine, the Warburton to Lilydale Rail Trail is a fabulous way to see the valley. Bikes are available for hire (Yarra Valley Cycles - Lilyldale ) or bring your own, and you can choose your distance based on how many towns you want to visit. The good news is it’s mostly flat so you can take in the sights with ease.

Make a stop on your way home at Warratina Lavender Farm for one last burst of creativity – exhibitions are regularly held here ­–  and a decadent afternoon tea. Good news is - you'll really need to make a weekend of it to experience all there is to offer.

Warratina Lavender Farm, Couple

If a creative recharge is what you are seeking, then Open Studios weekend is the perfect way to pump up your palette.

Artists may also have work to purchase so be prepared to bring home a memento. Which studios will you visit?


Profile: Kate Baker - Silver Gelatin Photography

Kate Baker

Donna Buang Rd, Warburton with access via Wattletree Rd, Warburton (it is the first driveway on the left, you will see the flags!)
P: 0411 446070
F: @katejbaker
F: @katebakerportraits
F: @katebakertheartsandlife
F: @seenandheardboytoman
Insta: @katejbaker

Kate is inviting visitors to experience the magic of the darkroom where alchemical wonders take place. They may also like to see the world 'upside down and back to front' through an old fashioned view camera. Kate will have black and white fine silver gelatin photographs on display and available for sale. The world of photography with a film camera is a marvellous journey and Kate invites you to peek little into that world. She also loves portraiture whether film or digital - recently she installed a 10metre public art mural in Healesville with a series of portraits of young men in their transition between boyhood and manhood.   Much to see and talk about!


Profile: Shlomit Moria- Wood Carving and sculptures, Chainsaw sculptures

Shlomit Morio, Visit Yarra Valley

Studio 3, 21 Woods Point Rd, Warburton
P: 0414 782150
F: @BushwoodCreations
Insta: @bushwoodcreations

Shlomit says: ‘Out of the sawdust (which is what I produce the most), appear bush animals, quirky characters, goddesses and whatever is on my mind at the time’  Shlomit Moria, after many years in the 2-dimensional world of graphic art, is now following her lifelong passion for the 3-dimensional medium of wood sculpture. ‘I love the way the wood dictates the piece, the little bit of unpredictability fascinates me and reminds me to let the magic do its thing without trying to control it; wood is a living thing and it is an honour sculpting with it.”

Shlomit is currently a selected artist at the esteemed Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards 2018.

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