With history as the site for the first vines planted in the Yarra Valley by the Ryrie brothers in 1838 – Eleonore’s Restaurant at Chateau Yering Hotel is the perfect host to welcome this exceptional series of wine events.

chateau Yering wine dinner
Chateau Yering invites you to open your minds and palates for these evenings of grit, grace and gratitude with wine makers, brand ambassadors and passionate people representing generations of Yarra Valley wine making.

The wineries all individually significant in what has become Australia’s pinnacle cool climate wine region. Engage and learn their unique stories of the land, love and passion for grapes.

chateau Yering. Eleanores hotel
Limited tickets available. Visit www.chateauyering.com.au/winedinners  for  more information and ticket sales.

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aerial photo of chateau Yering

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