Published 16 September 2019

Open Studios spans three weeekends in three iconic Yarra Valley destinations - Immerse yourself in the practices of 46 participating artists-in-studio. 

  • Maroondah Highway– September 21-22

  • Melba Highway– October 12-13 

  • Warburton Highway– November 9-10

Explore, Connect, Inspire– The artist’s studio can be a mysterious place – from vibrant and stimulating, to quirky and chaotic, from orderly and contemporary, to functional and free. For many artists, it is the truest reflection of who they are, and where they are most at home.  The Yarra Valley Open Studios returns in 2019 with 46 artists across three regions opening their studio doors to share their art, their practice and their inspiration. 

First time Open Studios participant and painter Ricci McAuliffe is excited to share her space with visitors – her studio is a rustic, open plan loft that sits above her biscuit factory and has, for her, a memorable sense of home with its 100-year-old timber beams, a chandelier and a piano. ‘It feels personal and it steals my breath away,’ she says. ‘I hope people can take away a little feeling of this magic.’   

The chance to explore the often unseen world of artmaking is a unique opportunity to personally connect with individual artists and share in the knowledge and magic that makes art happen. Art lovers, art makers and those simply curious about art enjoy the inspirational nature of the Open Studio weekends, and value discovering art in their own lives anew.

Visitors to Open Studios can plan their weekend(s) to take in as many destinations as they desire. Discovering a new artist is exciting, but it’s also encouraging to see how an artist’s work has developed since the last Open Studios. Textile Artist Carolyn Rogers says, ‘I get repeated visits from people over the years, along with new enquiring minds. I love sharing the excitement of my art with them, helping them realise art is for everyone, and they are never too old to take up a brush, a pencil, a ball of clay or, as in my case, how they can view their sewing machine in a whole new excitingly creative light!’

From immersive hands-on experiences and demonstrations in the studio, to the opportunity to witness the inner and outer influences that inform an artist’s practice, Open Studios is a unique learning opportunity that is both inclusive and fun.  Adding a visit to an Exhibition will highlight the creativity and beauty of art that is created in the Yarra Valley and is highly recommended as part of each weekend’s art trail. 

The Artists - The 46 established and emerging artists of the Yarra Valley can be visited at 36 unique locations across the three weekends and cover a diverse range of mediums.   Artist David Bennett says, ‘As an artist, Open Studios provides the opportunity for my work to be seen by a large number of the public. I find it a great motivator to try and produce paintings I consider worthwhile and developed.’

For more information and The Open Studios Map, click here.