Beyond the bustling hub of Yarra Glen, down a winding gravel track and over a vintage train line sits Zonzo Estate. The Yarra Valley restaurant - known for its robust, authentic Italian fare and surrounding vineyards - perfect for weddings - is adding another feather to its cap with the release of its debut wine vintage.

The vines have been rejuvenated and restored by wine making team: Kate Goodman and Caroline Mooney, to create the premium Zonzo Estate vintage that will accompany the strong, traditional, Italian flavours emerging from owner, Rod Micallef’s Zonzo kitchen from June 2016.

“Being able to serve Zonzo Estate wine, which has been made with our Italian cuisine in mind, will take our service offering to a whole new level”, Rod told us. “We have been working towards this goal for a long time; it will be an exciting moment when it all comes together for the first time”.

The wine is now available for presales at

The premier vintage release of the Zonzo Estate wine label has been a labour of love, knowledge and accomplishment from a professional team of Yarra Valley locals. A dream of Micallef’s since he entered the hospitality industry from a previous profession in engineering, Goodman and Mooney brought this vision to life.

“We were already aware of the vineyard having made wine from the site in previous years. The potential has always been in there but without the attention to detail and dedication shown by the Micallef family, it would have remained untapped”. said Mooney.

Zonzo Estate’s debut includes an intense and savoury Pinot Noir; a rich yet elegant Shiraz that creates a bright yet dense taste; a tantalising Cabernet Sauvignon with bright cassis and berry fruit contrasted with background notes of tobacco leaf and spice; a classic Yarra Valley Chardonnay that balances fruit intensity and acidity and a Sauvignon Blanc featuring nuances of guava and gooseberry fruits.

Zonzo Estate wines will make a lasting imprint, not only on the drinker, but on any table cloth that becomes a victim to slight Zonzo wine overflow due to the “Zonzo Estate” indentation at the bottom of the glass bottle, a feature that no other wine bottle in the world can boast. 

Always having wanted to run a restaurant for families, Rod’s Italian inspired restaurant offers an authentic menu with award winning pizza in a farmhouse-style location. “There is nothing we like to hear more than the loud, bustling sounds of celebration and a good time in our restaurant”, says Rod. “We’ve only ever wanted to run a restaurant for families and that’s exactly what we’ve done”.

Serving up beautiful antipasti with cured meats and imported Italian cheeses, rustic mozzarella and fungi porcini pizza and mouth watering slow cooked lamb, Zonzo Estate’s taste of Italy will take you to the steps of the Trevi Fountain with just one bite. Also offering menus for family holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, Zonzo caters for special events with the pleasure of bringing families together for a delicious meal and great company.

Being a family owned business, Zonzo has built a positive relationship with the Yarra Valley region, allowing locals and visitors to experience a taste of Italy in a place where food should be tackled with hands and spilt wine is a sign of enjoyment.

This is a place that feels like home, even if it is just for a few hours.


957 Healesville – Yarra Glen Road, Yarra Glen VIC 3775

(03) 9730 2500

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