Habitat 1 Healesville Creative Workspace & Office

Habitat 1 is a co-shared workspace designed for creative and energetic business people of today. If you're a local or a visitor our facilities are here to support you.
Travelling but still need to be in 'the office'? Use our high-speed internet and office areas to either conduct a meeting, do your own work or simply just check in with the office.

Our vibrantly designed space is ideal for any business no matter what size. Suited for any person, team or business whether it is those that are currently based at home and wanting to grow, those requiring a professional front and support, or any start-up business. Habitat 1 takes away all the set-up costs, overheads and outgoings when trying to establish and maintain your business. Habitat allows you or your team to focus energy on your product, brand and services.

Habitat 1 is exclusive to the Yarra Valley and is located on Main Street, Healesville. Whether your needs are fulltime, casual, part-time or simply a day visit to meet with clients. Facilities are affordable and have multiple benefits.

Our goal is to bring the innovators of the Yarra Valley together and to support the community of Healesville, our surrounding neighbors and visitors alike.

Book a space, ask about facilities and make your work life balance a reality.