Where Eagles Fly

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19 December – 24 March

Soar into the Sanctuary this summer as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world-renowned Spirits of the Sky presentation!

Where Eagles Fly, is a special program of bird-themed activities for all ages. Visitors will enjoy thrilling close encounters with their favourite birds, get up close to magnificent birds of prey and discover the Zoo Keeper’s training secrets.

Get the chance to meet Jess the Wedge-tailed Eagle, the star and veteran of our Spirits of the Sky presentation. Jess is 44 years old, the oldest animal at the Sanctuary, and kids will be able to compare their wingspan with his following the show to see what it really takes to fly like an eagle.

The presentation will also include new guest stars – our parrots and lorikeets - and new enrichment activities for the raptors.

Keep a look out on your travels though the Sanctuary as our birds will also be leaving the Flight arena to explore our bushland pathways with their trainers. Witness the skill and agility of these amazing birds up close.

You may even be treated to a meeting with our Peregrine Falcon, the world’s fastest animal, who can reach speeds of more than 300km per hour! She’ll sit still for a little while on the trainer’s glove, while you can find out what it takes to train this incredible bird of prey.

And if that’s not enough reasons to spend a day at the Sanctuary this summer then check out the Creek Play at Badger Creek where the kids can cool down, or take part in our fun Emu egg and spoon races.

The Spirits of the Sky presentation runs daily at Healesville Sanctuary at 12.00pm and 2.30pm and is free with general admission.

See you soon for the biggest bird festival yet! 


Where Eagles Fly
Date: Activities begin from 19 December 2015
Location: Healesville Sanctuary
Time: 9am – 5pm
Cost: Adults – general admission applies / Free for kids under 16 during Victorian Government school holidays
Information: zoo.org.au/summer