Squitchy Lane Vineyard

Squitchy Lane is a 30 year old Yarra Valley vineyard. We produce premium quality wines from our 16 acres of vines.  Come and visit our rustic cellar door, for a truly authentic wine tasting experience.

At Squitchy Lane, we work hard in the vineyard to make sure our winemaker doesn't have to work hard in the winery. If the grapes aren't right, no amount of winemaking attention can fix them.

That's as close as we come to a winemaking philosophy. We'd prefer not to be boxed in by philosophies which are often dogma by another name. So we let our grapes do the talking. This means reducing winery additives but gentle and continual massaging of the wines since we believe there is a substantial difference between physical and chemical inputs.

The end result is a group of wines that are balanced, harmonious and graceful. We strive for full flavour development at low alcohol levels so the wines can refresh as well as sustain the soul.

Our cellar door is open every weekend between 11am and 5pm.